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Messaging Abuse and Privacy Policy

You are most likely here because you received an email from our servers. Why did you received this email? You received this mail because you are subscribed to a newsletter / mailing list to which you opted in. If this is not the case then please unsubscribe from the list (using the link in the footer of the received email) and report the sender to us.

If you received unsolicited email from a client at this domain, please click the unsubscribe link in the footer of the email or click this link to copy paste us the headers or content of the email.

Our Policy

We do not allow Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or Unsolicited Bulk Email (UBE - also known as spam) and will terminate any accounts, if we become aware of abuse. If the recipient has not verifiably granted deliberate permission to receive the email, it will be classified as UCE or UBE. Verifiably granted permission is (1) written or email proof that the recipient has asked to receive the mailing; (2) electronic proof such as a time/date stamp and originating IP address demonstrating that the recipient did agree to receive such email.

If you suspect that any of our client’s is spamming, please contact us at abuse@mybizmailer.com

ISP and Blacklists

We share information regarding our policies and practices with ISPs and Blacklist administrators and are always keen to discuss possible improvements to reduce messaging abuse. If you are an ISP, mail or blacklist administrator and would like to speak to us, please email us at abuse@mybizmailer.com

Anti-spam Complaints centre

Received spam and believe its from our network? Please paste the headers of the email you received in the box below to allocate the complaint and block your address.Don't know how to get email headers? Click Here - spamcop explains how to get the headers from almost every email client.

Reporting Spam Complaints

If you feel that you have received unsolicited email from one of our users please report it to our staff.